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[June.23 ]

I hope it's OK! if not I'll delete my entry

pokemon gall of darkness? do you guys know where can I download this game? I've been looking it for some time ut I couldnt find it?
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[May.31 ]

pokerballs for sail on ebay
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[March.29 ]

I gotta say, this is the most awesome community in the world.
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[September.2 ]

squirtle kicks everyone's ass.
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[August.26 ]

[ mood | curious ]

Hey everyone. I've recently started on a kinda fanfic project based on the Fire Red and Leaf Green versions.

I'm kinda role playing a Pokemon Trainer and what I figured I could do is pass the url(which happens to be this journal account) along to Pokemon Fans everywhere. You guys can watch and even comment to the entries that are made, giving the character, Ino Nestines, advice on Pokemon! Show what you know and help the poor Rookie Ino out. ;)

Here's the url

And yes, feel free to add her to your friend's list! If you make comments in an In Character fassion she should add ya back!

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pokemonxcore expanding [June.27 ]

[ mood | sad ]

If you own a Myspace, join our pokemonxcore community by clicking here.
Thanks and Take Care.

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